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Cash for Alabama Houses - About Our Company

Homeowners in Alabama who choose to work with Cash for Alabama Houses because we are veteran owned, honest and committed to helping homeowners.



    We buy properties As-is in Alabama. Get a free, NO OBLIGATION cash offer now! Fill out the form below or call us at (205) 775-8558.

    Meet The Principal Members of Our Team (Owners)


    Matt Stark

    Matt Stark grew up in Colorado and served in San Diego, California, during his Navy days. In early 2000, he relocated to Northern California to work and study. He earned a marketing degree in 2006 and launched a marketing agency in 2007. Matt enjoys shooting pool, golfing, or spending time with his wife and young kid (when he is not leading his team of Alabama cash buyers).

    Gagan Saini

    Gagan Saini has always been a resident of California. He joined the police force after high school and college. After a while, he quit law enforcement and joined his family’s logistics company. While working there, he discovered his penchant for sales. He grew the company into a multi-million in gross sales after only three (3) years. Then he traded his interest in the company and delved into the real estate industry. Gagan relishes hanging out with his loved ones in his spare time.

    Sell fast to companies that buy houses in Alabama

    What Makes Our Cash Buyer Team Unique?

    Our cash buyer team is dedicated to educating you and your family regardless of our profit or gain. Most homeowners will certainly get a top dollar cash offer from selling to real estate agents. If that makes the most sense for you, we will encourage that. But if it makes sense to sell to our cash buyer company, great! We will buy your house fast and allow you to pick your own closing date.

    Our Basic Values:

    integrity Integrity – We’ll always inform you of what’s best for you in the sale of your Alabama home. Unlike your regular cash buyer companies, our home-buying process is not designed to take advantage of you. We are a transparent family-owned company, and we’ll give you a fair cash offer that matches your home’s market value.

    customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction – We want you to have an excellent experience transacting with our cash house buyers team. We are committed to giving you excellent cash offers and delivering quality services. To us, our reputation is everything, and we appreciate favorable feedback.

    communication Communication – When we buy houses for cash in Alabama, we make every effort to keep our Cash home buyer clients up-to-date on everything that occurs during the sale of their house. We call the minute something changes and occasionally give our home sellers progress reports about their transactions.

    We are a unique team of local investors with an image and reputation to protect. Cash buyer clients who have interacted with us in the past can attest to our competence and integrity, and we intend for it to stay that way. Our proactive approach has been instrumental in preserving our reputation as cash home buyers. Anticipating difficulties and resolving them on time helps us buy houses for cash, finalize cash deals quickly, and stick to our promises.

    We often refer homeowners to a reliable real estate agent if it presents better prospects. Hence, not all calls from “we buy houses for cash” clients lead to a cash sale or business opportunity. But all calls offer our cash company an opportunity to help a homeowner– that’s one opportunity our team of cash buyers is always delighted to seize!

    We enjoy helping others and make sure that your problem is fixed quickly and efficiently!