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Home Selling Made Easy.

Selling your house fast doesn’t have to be a hassle. Hence, we keep it simple. We do all the work so you can close with ease. How does cash for Alabama houses work? We buy houses Alabama and pay cash! No real estate agents. No commissions. No cleaning needed! We even cover the closing costs. Get started by filling out our form.


    We buy properties As-is in Alabama. Get a free, NO OBLIGATION cash offer now! Fill out the form below or call us at (205) 775-8558.

    How Can I Sell My House For Cash In Alabama?

    We offer fast cash for your house in Alabama in 3 simple steps.


    Fill out our simple form or call us to tell us about your house. 


    Schedule a physical or online meeting to show us your property.


    Receive our fair cash offer with no obligation.


    Accept the offer, and we’ll work with a local title company to close in as little as seven days.

    That’s it! Selling your house to cash for Alabama is that easy and hassle-free! In many cases, we can send you a cash offer in 8 minutes or at most 24 hours! We are easy to work with! We work with you to sell your house fast on your terms.


    Sell Your House. Fast And Simple.

    We buy houses across the whole state of Alabama. We are not Real Estate Agents and don’t use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). As real estate investors, we are direct cash buyers, so you don’t have to find potential buyers. 

    Moreover, as expected of cash companies, we pay cash for real estate transactions. When we buy your Alabama home, we’ll pay the highest possible purchase price. No fees, charges, or closing costs. Sell your house on your own terms!

    Selling your Alabama house to us is the opposite of selling through a real estate agent. We buy houses in any condition and speed up the closing process. Are you trying to sell your distressed house? Reach out to us today! We’ll eliminate all the difficulties, and you won’t need to worry about repairs or open houses!

    Let’s take this slowly…

    You’ve probably seen several we buy houses companies online or driven past bold posters of cash buyer companies. It’s hard to miss the “sell your house fast as is” on the major roads or the random postcard with “we buy houses for cash” boldly written on it. Now, you have the wheels turning in your mind, and you are wondering…

    How does the home buying process work? It seems too good to be true. Can it really be that easy?

    We are glad you asked! Yes, it’s REALLY that easy to sell your house for cash. The whole “we buy houses for cash” process is simply effortless. We are a cash buyer company that takes delight in grunt work. We will do all the work behind the scene to ensure you “sell my house fast” in Alabama smoothly without stress.

    Interesting Stuff! But you still haven’t answered my question…

    We know. Hence, we’ve explained how our “we buy houses company” works below. To aid complete clarity, we also answered a few FAQs about how we work and how we buy houses. A cash company is great, but the services aren’t always the best for you. Please read the information carefully, as this will help you make an informed decision. If you are wondering, “should I sell my house for cash in Alabama?” You are about to find out.

    Do you have these questions?


    Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.


    How does your Alabama home-buying process work?

    Our procedure is intended to be easy. We offer you a fair cash offer with no obligations attached! Here’s a simplified version of our process.

    That’s all there is when it comes to receiving a cash offer!

    ugly houses - we buy them all!

    What do we consider when we buy houses?

    When you contact us through email or phone, our team will inquire about your property details. The best way to provide you with a competitive cash offer is by understanding your specific needs regarding selling your house. Hence, we’ll ask questions like:

    Our goal is to help you sell fast with the best deal you can grab. Hence, this information will help us provide a personalized solution to your situation, even if it means recommending great local agents.


    How do you arrive at the cash price to buy my house?

    We hope you love Maths! Oh, you don’t? That’s not a problem; we will make this as simple as our home buying process!

    The purchase price is a sensitive topic while selling to a “we buy houses company.” To answer your question, we have an equation for calculating cash offers. We’ll break it down.

    Our Home Buying Formula

    The formula is based on four components:


    What is ARV? What’s the Transaction cost? Does Repair mean something else in this context? And what do we mean by Minimum profit?

    Let’s delve into details.

    arv ARV

    To clarify, ARV stands for After Repair Value. The ARV simply means the fair market value of your home after renovations. To get the ARV, we’ll make a comparative market analysis of similar houses sold after renovations.

    repairs REPAIRS

    After buying your home, we need to improve the property’s value through repairs. This will make the house market-ready and in good shape. However, repair costs aren’t as straightforward as it seems. It’s usual to discover new areas of the home that requires repairs after we have finalized our estimates. For instance, we may notice plumbing issues while fixing the tiles. Consequently, we are thorough with our estimates and sometimes make provision for unexpected repairs.

    transaction TRANSACTION COSTS

    After renovating the property, we may want to resell or keep it for rentals. Reselling a house attracts some selling costs. Remember that we didn’t take commissions or service fees when you sold to us; we’ll pay those costs while reselling. Hence, transaction costs include the holding costs, insurance, taxes, HOA fees, etc. Most times, the selling costs amount to about 15% of the total cost.


    Profit is an essential part of the real estate business. Although our priority is to help you sell your home fast for cash, it’s still a business. Hence, we need to make money to support our families, sustain our employees, and pay our contractors. But we make our profits reasonable in other to offer more money for your property.

    Back To The Cash Offer

    Now, this is how we calculate our offer:


    We promised to make this as simple as possible. So, here’s a short case study:

    Let’s assume your house’s ARV after all renovations is $900 000. The repair costs is $100, 000 the profit is $135,000, and the selling cost is 100 000. The equation is 900 000- (100, 000+135,000+100,000) = Our cash offer : $565 000.

    That’s how we calculate our cash offers. The certainty of our offers and hassle-free process endeared us to many homeowners. No matter your condition, we can make the best offer for you—no lowballing or gimmicks. Check our reviews to see what people think about our offers.

    Curious to know your numbers?

    What details do we look at?

    How long does it take to complete the process?

    Like most companies that buy houses for cash, We close in about 7 days to 4 weeks! If you need a faster or slower closing process, we can work with you to close on a day that works for you. To ensure this, We stay proactive by resolving roadblocks before they arise. Check out our typical house buying timeline below.

    When you accept our offer, we’ll send all essential documents like the Purchase Agreement to the local title company and deposit Earnest Money. Any concerns that we are aware of at the time will be addressed.

    Timeline: 24 hours.

    The title company will instigate a lien and title search. If there are any title concerns, they must be resolved before proceeding to avoid legal problems with the title. We’ll acquire our funding and conduct any property inspections. Depending on the repairs, we may invite a few partners and contractors to inspect the property.

    Timeline: 1-2 weeks

    Once all the other requirements have been fulfilled and inspections are over, we’ll close at the local title company. Or you can receive a mobile notary from the escrow company at a date that suits you. After signing all the paperwork, your money will be wired to you! Or, if you’d rather have a cheque, the title company will send you one. That’s it. You can get “for sale” off your property and hand over the key!

    Timeline: 1-7 days.

    Still Have Questions Or Eager To Know How Much We’ll Pay For Your Alabama home? Contact us today!